Saturday, February 25, 2017

February 26

  • February 26, 747 BC
    Nabonassar becomes the king of Babylon, beginning a new era characterized by the systematic maintenance of chronologically precise historical records such as the Babylonian Chronicle and the Ptolemaic Canon
  • February 26, 1266
    Charles of Anjou the King of Sicily defeats and kills Manfred, the bastard son of Emperor Frederik II, in the Battle of Benevento
  • February 26, 1658
    Denmark signs peace with Sweden at Roskilde, giving up a third of its territory after defeat during Second Northern War
  • February 26, 1815
    Napoleon escapes from the Island of Elba with 1,200 of his men starting the re-conquest of France
  • February 26, 1852
    The British frigate Birkenhead sinks off South Africa and 458 die
  • February 26, 1860
    White settlers massacre a band of Wiyot Indians at the village of Tuluwat on Indian Island near Eureka, California; at least 60 women, children and elders are killed
  • February 26, 1919
    The Grand Canyon in Arizona is established by Congress as a national park in the United States
  • February 26, 1935
    In England, British scientists make the first successful test of radio wave detection of air planes by short-wave transmitter tower and mobile radio receivers, Radar
  • February 26, 1935
    Robert Watson-Watt, a Scottish engineer, demonstrates his radar made for Air Ministry, wih the range up to 97 km
  • February 26, 2014
    The pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine leads to war in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts

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