Friday, February 24, 2017

February 25

  • February 25, 1570
    Pope Pius V issues the bull Regnans in Excelsis which excommunicates Queen Elizabeth I and absolves her subjects from allegiance
  • February 25, 1791
    President George Washington signs a bill creating the First Bank of the United States
  • February 25, 1831
    The Polish revolutionaries halt the Russian advance into their country at the Battle of Olszynka Grochowska
  • February 25, 1836
    Samuel Colt, an American inventor and industrialist, patents the first revolving barrel multi-shot firearm, which allows the shooter to fire 5 or 6 times before reloading
  • February 25, 1856
    Congress of Paris between representatives of the great powers in Europe to make peace after Crimean War begins
  • February 25, 1863
    US President Abraham Lincoln signs the National Currency Act into law, creating national banking system, comptroller of currency, allowing qualified banks to issue government-sponsored paper money in the banks' names
  • February 25, 1910
    Dalai Lama flees Tibet from Chinese troops to British-Indies
  • February 25, 1921
    Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic is proclaimed after invasion and occupation by Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
  • February 25, 1923
    Bread in Berlin, Germany rises to 2,000 marks due to hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic
  • February 25, 1932
    Immigrant Adolf Hitler gets German citizenship
  • February 25, 1939
    First Anderson bomb shelter in Britain erected in an Islington garden, named after Sir John Anderson with special responsibility for preparing air-raid precautions
  • February 25, 1947
    The Allied Control Council of Germany issues Law No. 46, disbanding Prussia
  • February 25, 1948
    The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia under Klement Gottwald, with Soviet backing, seize power in Czechoslovakia after coup d'aet, ending the last remaining democracy in Eastern Europe
  • February 25, 1956
    Soviet party leader Nikita Khrushchev denounces Josef Stalin's purges and the personality cult at 20th Soviet Party Conference, ushering in a less repressive era in the Soviet Union
  • February 25, 1964
    Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., later accepted name Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest heavyweights in the sport's history, wins the world heavyweight championship for the first time
  • February 25, 1980
    Military coup under DГ©si Bouterse and Roy Horb in Suriname ousts Prime Minister Henck Arron, replacing the government with a National Military Council and starting military dictatorship in Suriname
  • February 25, 1992
    Khojaly Massacre, massacre of 613 Azerbaijani civilians by the Armenian, occurs in Khojaly
  • February 25, 2006
    Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni wins his second re-election, sparking riots in Kampala by opposition supporters

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