Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 26

  • March 26, 1027
    John XIX crowns Conrad II the Holy Roman emperor
  • March 26, 1668
    England takes control of Bombay, modern Mumbai, India
  • March 26, 1790
    US Congress passes Naturalization Act is passed and requires two-year residency only for "free white persons" to grant the national citizenship
  • March 26, 1859
    Urbain Le Verrier, a French mathematician, publishes a thorough study of Mercury's motion and proposes existence of a small planet Vulcan in an orbit between Mercury and the Sun
  • March 26, 1913
    Bulgaria captures Adrianople, ending the first Balkan War
  • March 26, 1971
    Bangladesh Liberation War between East Pakistan and Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which leads to independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan, begins with military operation of Pakistan Army aimed to curb the Bengali nationalist movement
  • March 26, 1971
    East-Pakistan is proclaimed independent state of Bangladesh as the Pakistan Army launched military operations against the people of East Pakistan
  • March 26, 1975
    The biological weapons convention enters into force
  • March 26, 1995
    The Schengen Agreement easing cross-border travel goes into effect in several European countries
  • March 26, 2000
    Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia and former officer in the KGB, is elected President, gradually leading Russia into authoritarian regime

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