Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 3

  • March 3, 1067
    Prince Vseslav of Polotsk is defeated by joined forces of Iziaslav I of Kiev, Vsevolod, and Sviatoslav II of Kiev in the bloody battle on the Niamiha River
  • March 3, 1613
    Mikhail Romanov, son of Patriarch Philaret of Moscow, is elected czar of Russia by a national assembly called Zemsky Sobor, ending the long period of difficulties and establishing of the House of Romanov over Russia
  • March 3, 1634
    First tavern in Boston opens by Samuel Cole
  • March 3, 1638
    Protestant troops under the command of Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar occupy city of Rheinfelden in Switzerland
  • March 3, 1707
    Aurangzeb, the 6th Mughal Emperor, dies at age 88, marking the enter of the Mughal Empire in a long decline when the Maratha Empire slowly replaces it
  • March 3, 1843
    Daniel M'Naghten, a Scottish woodturner who assassinated English civil servant Edward Drummond, mistaken him for British Prime Minister Robert Peel, is found not guilty by reason of insanity, which becomes known as M'Naghten rules
  • March 3, 1845
    Florida becomes 27th state of the USA
  • March 3, 1861
    Russian Emperor Alexander II issues a manifest which ends feudal control of serfs and abolishes serfdom in Russian Empire, as part of a program of westernization
  • March 3, 1875
    The opera Carmen, composed by Georges Bizet, opens in Paris at the Opera-Comique
  • March 3, 1875
    The first recorded hockey game takes place in Montreal
  • March 3, 1878
    Treaty of San Stefano ends the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 and recognizes formal independence of the Principality of Serbia, Montenegro and Romania from the Ottoman Empire and makes Bulgaria autonomous
  • March 3, 1878
    Montenegro is recognized by the Ottoman Empire as an independent state when it became a monarchy
  • March 3, 1885
    AT&T, American Telephone and Telegraph, is incorporated as a subsidiary of Bell Telephone to build and operate a long distance network
  • March 3, 1886
    The Treaty of Bucharest concludes the Serb-Bulgarian war, re-establishing prewar Serbo-Bulgarian borders but leaving Eastern Rumelia and Bulgaria united
  • March 3, 1918
    Bolshevik government of Russia signs the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, by which they surrender large territories to Germany, and formally withdraw from World War I
  • March 3, 1922
    Italian fascists occupy Fiume and Rijeka
  • March 3, 1923
    Time Magazine, the first weekly news magazine in the United States, is first published
  • March 3, 1933
    German Presidential candidate and the leader of the Communist Party of Germany Ernst Thälmann is arrested by the Gestapo
  • March 3, 1959
    British government arrests the leader of the Malawi Congress Party Hastings Banda along with hundreds of other Africans, ending emergency crisis
  • March 3, 1969
    French maiden flight of Concorde 001 supersonic jet, from Toulouse
  • March 3, 1974
    One of the world's worst air disaster occurs, Turkish DC-10 crashes in Paris, France, 346 die
  • March 3, 1986
    The first paper is published describing the Atomic force microscope, invented the previous year by Gerd Binnig, Calvin Quate and Heinrich Rohrer

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