Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 16

  • Roman Emperor Tiberius dies on a trip to the Italian mainland from his home on Capri, and is succeeded by Caligula
  • March 16, 1190
    The crusaders begin the massacre of Jews in York, England in which at least 150 Jews died
  • March 16, 1527
    The Emperor Babur defeats the Rajputs at the Battle of Khanwa, removing the main Hindu rivals in Northern India
  • March 16, 1731
    Treaty of Vienna between Kingdom of Great Britain and the Habsburg monarchy marks the collapse of the Anglo-French Alliance and the beginning of the Anglo-Austrian Alliance
  • March 16, 1781
    In Colombia the Comunero Revolt among artisans and peasants in Socorro after imposition of new taxes by the viceroy stimulated, becomes the most serious revolt against Spanish authority before the war for independence
  • March 16, 1792
    King Gustav III of Sweden is shot and mortally wounded during a masquerade party at an opera by a former member of his regiment
  • March 16, 1900
    English archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans finds old city of Knossus
  • March 16, 1922
    Sultan Fuad I is crowned king of Egypt after England recognizes Egypt
  • March 16, 1926
    Robert Goddard, an American physicist and inventor, launches the first liquid fuel rocket, which goes 56 meter
  • March 16, 1939
    Hungary annexes republic of Carpatho-Ukraine, an autonomous region within Czechoslovakia
  • March 16, 1968
    Charlie Company of United States troops kills over 500 civilians in four hamlets in Son My district, Vietnam, in what became known as the My Lai massacre
  • March 16, 1978
    Amoco Cadiz, a supertanker under the Liberian flag, sinks, resulting in the largest oil spill of its kind in history to that date
  • March 16, 1983
    Stravinsky Fountain, a fountain ornamented with sixteen works of sculpture representing the works of composer Igor Stravinsky, is finished by sculptors Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle
  • March 16, 1988
    The Halabja poison gas attack is carried out by Iraqi government forces
  • March 16, 2010
    The Kasubi Tombs, Uganda's only cultural World Heritage Site, are destroyed by fire

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