Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1

  • June 1, 193
    The Roman Emperor Didius Julianus, being deposed and sentenced to death by the Senate in favor of Septimius Severus, is murdered by a soldier in his palace after 66 days of reign
  • June 1, 907
    Zhu Wen, a military governor in China, murders the last emperor of Tang, Emperor Ai of Tang, and takes the throne for himself beginning the Period of The Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdoms
  • June 1, 1298
    The people of Riga with help of Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytenis defeat the order in the Battle of Turaida
  • June 1, 1783
    Charles Byrne, known as the Irish giant standing at 2.3 meters, dies and is acquired by anatomist John Hunter to have Byrne's skeleton in his anatomy collection
  • June 1, 1794
    English fleet under Richard Earl Howe defeat the French warship escort of a grain convoy, which becomes the first victory at sea versus France in war started in 1793
  • June 1, 1802
    Tay Sơn dynasty, the period of peasant rebellions and decentralized dynasties in Vietnam, ends
  • June 1, 1847
    The first Communist political party, the Communist League convenes in London, England with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as the dominant personalities
  • June 1, 1864
    Hong Xiuquan, leader of the Taiping Heavenly Army, who has over 100,000 troops and controls an area bigger than France, dies from poisoning
  • June 1, 1864
    Battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia, begins as Lee tried to turn Grant's flank
  • June 1, 1874
    The British East India Company is dissolved
  • June 1, 1907
    -33 degrees C are recorded in Sarmiento, Argentina, the South American record low
  • June 1, 1916
    Battle of Jutland between Germany and United Kingdom, the largest naval battle and the only full-scale clash of battleships in the World War I, ends with inconclusive results
  • June 1, 1941
    Evacuation of Crete ends and the remaining 9,000 British and 1,000 Greek soldiers surrender with total losses of manpower in the fight for the island: British army 12,000; navy 2,000; Greek 5,000; German 6,000
  • June 1, 1944
    First operational electronic computer, Colossus, comes online
  • June 1, 1980
    Cable News Network, or CNN, debuts, as the world's first 24-hour television news network, from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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