Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 2

  • June 2, 455
    Rome is sacked by King of the Vandals Genseric, who carries a number of Roman citizens to be slaves and loots amounts of treasure from the city, but does not burn the buildings of the city
  • June 2, 1537
    Pope Paul III bans the enslavement of Indians in the New World by the bulls Sublimus Dei
  • June 2, 1780
    In England, the Earl of Derby originates first horse racing event on sweepstakes basis, the Epsom Derby
  • June 2, 1864
    The Russian–Circassian War, begun in 1763, ends leaving about a million Circassians of the northwest Caucasus dead
  • June 2, 1875
    Alexander Graham Bell makes his first complex sound transmission
  • June 2, 1899
    The government of the Philippines declares war on the United States officially starting Philippine-American War
  • June 2, 1936
    General Anastasio Somoza takes over as dictator of Nicaragua after the president of Nicaragua Juan Bautista Sacasa resigns
  • June 2, 1946
    Italian plebiscite chooses republic over monarchy
  • June 2, 1953
    Elizabeth II of Britain is crowned at Westminster Abbey

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