Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 14

  • June 14, 1645
    Oliver Cromwell's army routes the King's army at Naseby, which markd the decisive turning point in the English Civil War
  • June 14, 1649
    Jesuits set fire to Sainte-Marie among the Hurons in North America, abandoning the settlement created in 1639, due to Iroquois on the warpath against them
  • June 14, 1667
    The Dutch fleet burn 3 ships and capture the English flagship near the River Medway during the Second Anglo-Dutch War
  • June 14, 1755
    In England the first edition of Samuel Johnson's "A Dictionary of the English Language", which has 42,773 entries, is published
  • June 14, 1777
    The Continental Congress in Philadelphia adopts the Stars and Stripes, created by Betsy Ross, as the national flag
  • June 14, 1789
    Captain William Bligh of the HMS Bounty arrives in Timor in a small boat
  • June 14, 1800
    French General Napoleon Bonaparte pushes the forces of Austria out of Italy in the Battle of Marengo
  • June 14, 1822
    Charles Babbage, a young Cambridge mathematician, announces the invention of a machine capable of performing simple arithmetic calculations, which could perform up to 60 error-free calculation in 5 minutes, to the Astronomical Society
  • June 14, 1834
    A process for making sandpaper is patented by Isaac Fischer, Springfield, Vermont
  • June 14, 1846
    Americans in Northern California rebel against Mexican authorities in what is called the Bear Flag Revolt and proclaim the Republic of California
  • June 14, 1866
    Prussia attacks Austria after disagreements over the administration of Schleswig-Holstein, starting Austro-Prussian War
  • June 14, 1923
    Bulgarian Prime Minister Aleksandar Stamboliyski is brutally tortured and killed during a military coup
  • June 14, 1935
    Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay ends with Paraguayan victory
  • June 14, 1940
    Soviet Premier Josef Stalin sends an ultimatum to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, making territorial demands
  • June 14, 1943
    The Combined Bomber Offensive launches Operation Pointblank, a strategic bombing campaign against German industry and civilian morale
  • June 14, 1982
    Argentina surrenders to Britain at Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, ending 74-day Falklands War over two British overseas territories in the South Atlantic
  • June 14, 2008
    Expo 2008 is held in Zaragoza, Spain, with the topic of "Water and sustainable development"

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