Monday, June 12, 2017

June 13

  • June 13, 323 BC
    Alexander the Great dies of fever after a feast in Babylon, which causes wars of the Diadochoi, his generals and friends, in the Empire
  • June 13, 40
    Gnaeus Julius Agricola, a Roman general and governor of Britain, is born
  • June 13, 1381
    During the Revolt of Peasants the rebels enter London and, joined by many local townsfolk, attack the gaols, destroy the Savoy Palace and the Temple Inns of Court
  • June 13, 1886
    King Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, drowns in Lake Starnberg and is found floating dead with his doctor
  • June 13, 1886
    A swift fire destroys Vancouver, Canada, in a time variously reported between twenty and forty-five minutes consuming about 1,000 wooden buildings, virtually the entire city
  • June 13, 1956
    Real Madrid wins the first season of the European Cup, UEFA's premier club football tournament

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