Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 28

  • May 28, 1156
    King of Sicily William I beats Byzantine fleet in the Battle at Brindisi
  • May 28, 1539
    Hernando de Soto sails from Cuba to Florida with 13 pigs to help sustain his 700 men on his gold-hunting expedition
  • May 28, 1608
    L'Arianna, one of the earliest operas of the Baroque period written by Italian composer and singer Claudio Monteverdi, is performed as part of the musical festivities for a royal wedding at the court of Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga in Mantua
  • May 28, 1825
    Coronation of French king Charles X, the surviving brother of guillotined Louis XVI, occurs in Reims
  • May 28, 1830
    United States Congress passes Indian Removal Act, which authorizes Indian removal from all states to western prairie and authorizes President Andrew Jackson to negotiate with Indian tribes
  • May 28, 1871
    Paris Commune is put down after the last French communards of the Paris commune are shot against the Mur des Federes in Pere Lachaise cemetery by troops from Versailles
  • May 28, 1905
    Japanese fleet destroys Russian East Sea fleet in Straits of Tushima, which becomes decisive sea battle of Russo-Japanese War
  • May 28, 1926
    Military coup by General Manuel Gomes da Costa installs dictatorship in Portugal
  • May 28, 1937
    Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • May 28, 1964
    Palestine National Congress forms the Palestine Liberation Organization in Jerusalem, with purpose to create an independent State of Palestine
  • May 28, 1987
    A 19-year-old German, Mathias Rust, is immediately detained after he flies a small private plane through Russian security without clearance and lands on Red Square in Moscow
  • May 28, 1995
    Neftegorsk, Russia is hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake, killing at least 2000 people and nearly completely destroying the city

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