Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 3

  • May 3, 1382
    Battle of Beverhoutsveld occurs between County of Flanders and Ghent rebels near Brugge
  • May 3, 1481
    Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II dies at age 60; Bayezid II succeeds
  • May 3, 1493
    Pope Alexander VI issues bull Inter caetera, which grants to the Crowns of Castile and Aragon lands one hundred leagues west of the Cape Verde Islands
  • May 3, 1512
    Pope Julius II opens 5th Council of Lateranen (18th ecumenical council) in Rome
  • May 3, 1515
    Portugese fleet occupies Ormus in Persian Gulf
  • May 3, 1791
    Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth adopt Constitution of May 3, Europe's first and the world's second modern codified national constitution, designed to redress long-standing political defects and traditional system of Golden Liberty
  • May 3, 1845
    Fire kills 1,600 in popular theater in Guangzhou, China
  • May 3, 1861
    United States President Lincoln asks for 42,000 Army Volunteers and another 18,000 seamen
  • May 3, 1906
    British-controlled Egypt takes Sinai peninsula from the Ottoman Porte transfering administration of Sinai to the Egyptian government
  • May 3, 1947
    Japan adopts a new constitution and forms a constitutional democracy
  • May 3, 1952
    The first airplane lands at the geographic North Pole
  • May 3, 1973
    Chicago's Willis Tower tops out, becoming with the hight of 443 metres the world's tallest building
  • May 3, 2008
    Tropical cyclone Nargis with 120 kmh winds and 4 meter waves, the Myanmar's deadliest natural disaster, passes through western Myanmar killing over 140,000 people and leaving 2-3 million residents homeless

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