Monday, May 29, 2017

May 30

  • May 30, 1381
    Peasants' Revolt begins in Essex, England due to the high taxes resulting from the conflict with France during the Hundred Years War
  • May 30, 1416
    Jerome of Prague, a Czech church reformer and one of the chief followers of Jan Hus, is burned as a heretic at the Council of Constance
  • May 30, 1431
    Joan of Arc, the leader of the French army during Hundred Years War, condemned as a heretic by an English-backed church court, is burned at the stake in Rouen, France, at age 19
  • May 30, 1434
    An army of Utraquists and Catholics, called the Bohemian League, defeat the radical Taborites and Orphans, led by Prokop the Great and Prokop the Lesser, who both fell in the battle of of Lipany, which marks the end of the Hussite wars
  • May 30, 1498
    Columbus departs with six ships for third trip to America
  • May 30, 1536
    English king Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour
  • May 30, 1588
    The Spanish Armada of 130 ships with 30,000 men under Alonso Pérez de Guzmán leaves Lisbon for England
  • May 30, 1635
    Emperor Ferdinand II and Electorate of Saxony representing most of the Protestant states of the Holy Roman Empire sign Peace of Prague, which effectively beings to an end the civil war aspect of the Thirty Years' War
  • May 30, 1814
    In Paris, France, the Treaty of Paris is signed, bringing peace between Great Britain and her allies and France and returning France to its 1792 borders
  • May 30, 1848
    Mexico ratifies the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ending Mexican–American War and giving US New Mexico, California and parts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Colorado in return for $15 million
  • May 30, 1854
    The Kansas-Nebraska Act, passed by the US Congress, repeals the Missouri Compromise and allows people in the territories of Kansas and Nebraska to decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery within their borders, opens north slavery
  • May 30, 1866
    The Bartered Bride, the comic opera written by Bedřich Smetana, the father of Czech national music, is first performed at the Provisional Theatre, Prague
  • May 30, 1868
    The United States establish Memorial Day, initially Decoration Day, to honor Union soldiers killed in the Civil War, later expanded to honor all soldiers killed in the service of the country
  • May 30, 1896
    1,389 people die during a human stampede on Khodynka Field in Moscow, Russia during the festivities following the coronation of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II
  • May 30, 1942
    1047 bombers attack Cologne, dropping 915 tons of incendiaries and 840 tons of high explosives during Operation Millennium with 41 aircraft as total loss of British planes
  • May 30, 1968
    French president Charles de Gaulle dissolves the National Assembly and calls for new parliamentary elections as a result of May 1968 protests in France
  • May 30, 1975
    European Space Agency, an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the exploration of space, forms

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