Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 18

  • May 18, 1096
    Peasant crusaders from France and Germany begin Pogroms of 1096, the first instance of an antisemitism in Europe touched by the First Crusade, murdering thousands of Jews in Germany
  • May 18, 1160
    Eric IX, a King of Sweden, is killed by the Danish lord Magnus Henriksson
  • May 18, 1291
    Egyptian Mamluks destroy Acre after a siege of 43 days ending the existence of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem
  • May 18, 1604
    England and Spain agree sign the Treaty of London ending the 19 year Anglo-Spanish war
  • May 18, 1619
    Hugo Grotius, a Dutch jurist who laid the foundations for international law, based on natural law, is sentenced to life in prison
  • May 18, 1652
    Rhode Island try to enact first law declaring slavery illegal
  • May 18, 1727
    Peter II Alekseyevich is proclaimed Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias after death of Catherine I
  • May 18, 1803
    Britain declares war on France after General Napoleon Bonaparte continues interfering in Italy and Switzerland, ending Peace of Amiens and starting the Napoleonic Wars and War of the Third Coalition
  • May 18, 1804
    The French Senate adopted new national constitution of France, establishing the First French Empire and proclaiming Napoleon Bonaparte emperor
  • May 18, 1810
    May Revolution as part of Latin American wars of independence against Napoleonic Spain begins in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which lead to the establishment of a local government, the Primera Junta
  • May 18, 1830
    Edwin Beard Budding of England signs an agreement for the manufacture of his invention, the lawn mower, in which he adopts the rotary blade in the cloth industry to grass
  • May 18, 1896
    The United States Supreme Court upholds the State of Louisiana Separate Car Act in Plessy vs. Ferguson, and affirms that segregation does not constitute discrimination, establishing the doctrine of "separate but equal"
  • May 18, 1899
    The First Hague Peace Conference, proposed by Nicholas II of Russia, is opened in the Netherlands as 26 nations met to ban the destruction or seizure of enemy property with no military value
  • May 18, 1900
    Tonga becomes a protected state under a Treaty of Friendship with Britain, when European settlers and rival Tongan chiefs tried to oust the second king
  • May 18, 1954
    Supreme Court of the United States unanimously decides the case of Brown v. Board of Education, ordering an end to racial segregation in public schools
  • May 18, 1994
    Food and Drug Administration concludes that Flavr Savr, a genetically modified tomato, is safe for food use, making it the first commercially grown genetically engineered food
  • May 18, 2000, one of the greatest dot-com busts in history collapses in London after six months, due to lack of funds

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