Monday, August 28, 2017

August 29

  • John the Baptist, an itinerant preacher at the Jordan River, is beheaded by order of Herod Antipas, ruler of Galilee and Perea
  • August 29, 70
    Jerusalem is sacked and the Temple of Jerusalem, except Western Wall of Herod's complex, is burned after a nine-month Roman siege under Titus during First Jewish-Roman War
  • August 29, 284
    Diocletian becomes emperor of Rome beginning a method of numbering years known as Diocletian era
  • August 29, 1526
    Turkish forces of Suleiman the Magnificent defeat the Hungarian forces and kill Hungarian King Louis II at the Battle of Mohács, which leads to the partition of Hungary for several centuries
  • August 29, 1533
    Francisco Pizarro captures Cusco and completes his conquest of Peru
  • August 29, 1632
    English philosopher John Locke is born in Wrington, England
  • August 29, 1637
    The Dutch attack and capture Elmina in Ghana, which up to that point was the center of Portuguese activity in West Africa and was mostly used for the slave trade
  • August 29, 1655
    Swedish king Charles X Gustav of Sweden occupies Warsaw
  • August 29, 1742
    Edmond Hoyle publishes his "Short Treatise" on classic English trick-taking card game whist
  • August 29, 1786
    Shay's Rebellion lead by American farmer Daniel Shay in Springfield, Massachusetts begins in order to protest the seizure of property for the non-payment of debt
  • August 29, 1791
    The Pandora under Captain Edward Edwards sinks in Endeavour Strait between Australia and New Guinea; 33 crewmen and 4 prisoners die
  • August 29, 1842
    Britain and China sign the Treaty of Nanjing, which ends the First Opium War, opens the port of Shanghai to foreigners and cedes Hong Kong to the British
  • August 29, 1864
    William Huggins, an English astronomer, discovers chemical composition of nebulae using astronomical spectroscopy
  • August 29, 1885
    Gottlieb Daimler receives German patent for a motorcycle
  • August 29, 1893
    The "clasp locker", a clumsy slide fastener and forerunner to the zipper is first patented by Whitcomb L. Judson
  • August 29, 1897
    First Zionist Congress, opened by Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl in Basel, Switzerland, starts program to resettle Jewish people in Palestine
  • August 29, 1949
    The Soviet Union successfully detonates an atomic weapon
  • August 29, 1966
    The Beatles' give their last public concert, Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California
  • August 29, 2005
    Nearly 2000 people are killed, and severe damage is caused along the U.S. Gulf Coast, as Hurricane Katrina strikes coastal areas from Louisiana to Alabama, and travels up the entire state of Mississippi, affecting most of eastern North America

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