Friday, August 4, 2017

August 5

  • Guangwu of Han, one of the many descendants of the Han imperial family, establishes Eastern Han dynasty in China
  • August 5, 1391
    Castilian sailors in Barcelona, Spain set fire to a Jewish ghetto, killing 100 people and setting off four days of violence against the Jews
  • August 5, 1763
    Colonel Henry Bouquet decisively defeat the Indians at the Battle of Bushy Run in Pennsylvania during Pontiac's rebellion
  • August 5, 1815
    A peace treaty with Tripoli, which follows treaties with Algeria and Tunis, brings an end to the Barbary Wars and the American practice of paying tribute to the pirate states
  • August 5, 1864
    Spectrum of a comet observed for first time, by Giovanni Donati, who determines their physical composition of the comet 1864b, which spectrum he finds containing three emitting lines
  • August 5, 1891
    American Express begins the first company to develop a large-scale traveller's cheque system
  • August 5, 1960
    Upper Volta, today known as Burkina Faso, gains independence from France
  • August 5, 1962
    Nelson Mandela is arrested for incitement and illegally leaving South Africa
  • August 5, 2016
    2016 Summer Olympics are opened in Rio de Janeiro

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