Thursday, August 3, 2017

August 4

  • August 4, 1265
    At the Battle of Evesham Edward I of England defeat forces rebellious barons under Simon de Montfort, who dies in battle
  • August 4, 1347
    After an 11 month siege, French city of Calais falls to England's King Edward III
  • August 4, 1578
    King Sebastian of Portugal is killed and Portuguese forces are defeated at the Battle of Alcácer Quibir, in Morocco against Saadi dynasty of Morocco, which leads to Portuguese succession crisis of 1580
  • August 4, 1735
    Jury acquits John Zenger is charged with seditious libel by royal governor of New York
  • August 4, 1753
    George Washington becomes a master mason
  • August 4, 1789
    National Constituent Assembly in France dissolves feudal system by abolishing the privileges of nobility
  • August 4, 1791
    The chief item in the Peace of Sistova agreement between the Austrian Empire and Ottoman Empire returns of Belgrade, taken in 1789 by the Holy Roman emperor Joseph II, to Turkey
  • August 4, 1912
    United States forces are dispatched from Annapolis to the Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, at the recommendation of the Nicaraguan president, starting occupation of Nicaragua
  • August 4, 1916
    United States agrees to buy Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million
  • August 4, 1944
    German Gestapo discover the hiding place of Anne Frank and family, and others hiding in a warehouse and sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, but Anne's diary is left behind, undiscovered by the Germans, later found in 1947
  • August 4, 1984
    The African republic Upper Volta changes its name to Burkina Faso
  • August 4, 2009
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Il pardons two American journalists, who have been arrested and imprisoned for illegal entry earlier in the year, after former United States President Bill Clinton meets with Kim in North Korea

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