Monday, August 7, 2017

August 8

  • August 8, 70
    Antonia Fortress is destroyed by the Romans during the siege of Jerusalem
  • August 8, 117
    Trajan, emperor of Rome, dies
  • August 8, 869
    Lothair II, King of Lotharingia, dies
  • August 8, 870
    Kingdom of Lotharingia, realm of Lothair II, who died some monthes ago, is devided between his uncles Louis the German of East Francia and Charles the Bald of West Francia by the Treaty of Meerssen
  • August 8, 1579
    Cornerstone is laid for Tycho Brahe's Uraniborg observatory, the first custom-built observatory in modern Europe, by order of Frederick II, King of Denmark
  • August 8, 1588
    The English Navy destroy the Spanish Armada at the Battle of Gravelines which opens the world for English trade and colonization
  • August 8, 1700
    Denmark signs the peace treaty of Travendal with Sweden during the Great Northern War
  • August 8, 1709
    In Lisbon, Bartolomeu de Gusmão manages to lift a balloon full of hot air about 4.5 meters in front of King John V and the Portuguese court, which becomes the first documented balloon flight in Europe
  • August 8, 1736
    Mahomet Weyonomon, a Mohegan sachem or leader, dies of smallpox while waiting to see King George II to complain directly about British settlers encroaching on tribal lands in the Connecticut colony
  • August 8, 1786
    Savoyard mountain guide Jacques Balmat and doctor Michel-Gabriel Paccard become the first men to climb Mont Blanc in France
  • August 8, 1788
    King Louis XVI calls the Estates General, which have not met since 1614, because of loosing of power
  • August 8, 1815
    Napoleon Bonaparte set sail for Saint Helena, an island in the South Atlantic Ocean, to spend the remainder of his days in exile
  • August 8, 1846
    David Wilmot, an American politic, offers to ban slavery in any territory to be acquired from Mexico in the Mexican War in his speech in the United States House of Representatives, the event known as the Wilmot Proviso
  • August 8, 1897
    Anarchist Michele Angiolillo assassinates Spanish Prime Minister Antonio Cánovas del Castillo, Spain, and Marcelo Azcárraga Palmero becomes prime minister of Spain
  • August 8, 1919
    British recognize Afghanistan's independence with Treaty of Rawalpindi
  • August 8, 1945
    USSR establishes a communist government in the northern half of the occupied Korean peninsula, stopping along 38th parallel after invasion of Manchuria, per the agreement with the United States
  • August 8, 1949
    Bhutan becomes an independent monarchy after Treaty of Friendship between India and Bhutan
  • August 8, 1963
    Great Train Robbery occurs in England, 2.6 million pounds, or US$7.3 million
  • August 8, 1988
    Thousands of protesters in Myanmar are killed during anti-government demonstrations, which leads to a bloody military coup
  • August 8, 1991
    The Warsaw radio mast, the tallest construction ever built, collapses
  • August 8, 2008 08:08
    An estimated one billion people worldwide watch the opening ceremonies of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad on TV

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