Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Some Improvements Have Been Done

Let us share some useful information with you. We hope it is useful:). The information itself is about a service which we started some years ago. The popular social network Twitter those days grew in popularity, it is why we decided to create some cool services for it. One of the main features that service implement is weather forecast. Almost everyone check weather sites at least once or twice a day. This service posts automatically information about weather every three hours so you can see this information just in your feed. There are three types of weather accounts: weather just now, forecast on today, and forecast on tomorrow. You can see on Twitterbrooks weather for 10 cities, but some of American cities are suspended now because of technical problems.

Another popular account is Quotations. Twice a week the service posts a quote of a famous person. Many of those thoughts are brilliant. One another service hosted on the same site is Synonyms. This service is useful for writes, because is offers a lot of synonyms for about 150 000 words. It was launched some months ago, but is a quite popular now. There are synonyms for wide range of words: Opportunity, amazing, happy, quickly, an so forth. Enjoy using our wonderful services!

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