Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 28

  • April 28, 357
    Roman Emperor Constantius II visits Rome for the first time and only time in his life
  • April 28, 1202
    King Philip II of France throws out King of England John, which resulted in the collapse of most of the Angevin Empire and contributed to the subsequent growth in power of the Capetian dynasty during the 13th century
  • April 28, 1253
    Nichiren, a Buddhist monk, establishes a new sect of Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism
  • March 30, 1282
    Inhabitants in Palermo massacres French occupation forces in Sicily after a Frenchman harassed a woman, beginning the War of the Sicilian Vespers
  • April 28, 1376
    Good Parliament, the longest Parliament up until that time, begin to work
  • April 28, 1503
    Spain defeats France at the Battle of Cerignola, which considered to be the first battle in history won by gunpowder small arms (arquebus) and mark end of period of knighthood in Europe
  • April 28, 1628
    King Kristian IV of Denmark signs a three year alliance with Sweden. Both powers agree to come to the defense of Stralsund if attacked
  • April 28, 1738
    Pope Clement XII issues the Eminenti Apostolatus Specula prohibiting Catholics from becoming Freemasons, the first papal decree against the Freemasons
  • April 28, 1760
    French forces besieging Quebec defeat the British in the Battle of Sainte-Foy
  • April 28, 1789
    Fletcher Christian, master's mate on board HMS Bounty, leads a mutiny on the ship as the crew of the British ship set Captain William Bligh and 18 sailors adrift in a launch in the South Pacific
  • April 28, 1818
    President Monroe proclaims naval disarmament on Great Lakes and Lake Champlain
  • April 28, 1819
    In India a British hunting party discovers the painted caves at Ajanta
  • April 28, 1914
    American engineer Willis Carrier patents air conditioner
  • April 28, 1925
    Netherlands and Great Britain return to gold standard
  • April 28, 1935
    Moscow Metro, the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union, opens
  • April 28, 1945
    Benito Mussolini is executed near Lake Como by Italian partisans while attempt to escape north
  • April 28, 1967
    Expo 67, the most attendees World Fair, opens in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • April 28, 1969
    Charles de Gaulle resigns as President of France after losing a referendum in which he proposed more decentralization
  • April 28, 1992
    The two remaining countries of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro - form a new state, named the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • April 28, 2004
    30 St Mary Axe, commercial skyscraper, also known as The Gherkin, opens in London and becomes one of the most recognised examples of contemporary architecture

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