Friday, April 21, 2017

April 22

  • April 22, 1073
    Gregory VII, Hildebrand of Sovana, becomes Pope after death of Pope Alexander II
  • April 22, 1370
    The first stone of the Bastille is laid by order of King Charles V in order to defend Paris from England forces during Hundred Year War
  • April 22, 1453
    The Ottomans haul 76 warships out of the water and drag them on wood rails to bypass the Greek blockade of the Constantinople harbor
  • April 22, 1509
    Henry VIII ascends to English throne after death of his father Henry VII to become the second monarch of the Tudor dynasty
  • April 22, 1529
    Treaty of Zaragoza defines the antimeridian of Tordesillas attributing the Moluccas to Portugal and Philippines to Spain
  • April 22, 1676
    Netherlands and Spain forces are defeated by France in the Battle of Augusta, a Dutch skilled admiral Michiel de Ruyter is fatally wounded
  • April 22, 1724
    Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher, is born in Konigsberg, modern-day Kaliningrad
  • April 22, 1745
    Treaty of Fussen is signed between the Electorate of Bavaria and Habsburg Austria, restoring the status quo of Germany
  • April 22, 1826
    Ibrahim Pasha, son of Muhammad Ali of Egypt, takes Missolonghi in West Greece after a long siege
  • April 22, 1876
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, a Russian composer, completes his "Swan Lake" ballet
  • April 22, 1898
    The United States Navy begin blockading Cuban ports under orders from President McKinley, formally declaring war between the United States and Spain
  • April 22, 1915
    Second Battle of Ypres, marked by the first mass use of poison gas, begins between German Empire and Allies
  • April 22, 1930
    United States, Britain and Japan sign London Naval Treaty to reduce naval forces, which is strongly opposed by the Japanese military and inflames growing anti-foreign sentiment and militarism
  • April 22, 1943
    British Royal Air Force shoots down 14 German transport planes over Mediterranean Sea
  • April 22, 1970
    First Earth Day held internationally to conserve natural resources
  • April 22, 1977
    Simon Peres, a Polish-born Israeli statesman, becomes premier of Israel
  • April 22, 1978
    The One Love Peace Concert is held at National Heroes Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica, where Bob Marley unites two opposing political leaders at this concert, bringing peace to the civil war-ridden streets of the city
  • April 22, 2010
    The Deepwater Horizon oil rig off the Louisiana coast sinks into the Gulf of Mexico two days after an explosion tore through it, leaving the largest oil spill in United States history with 492,000 tonnes of oil

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