Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 21

  • July 21, 365
    An earthquake with epicenter in Crete levels the Egyptian Port of Alexandria as well as the Roman outpost of Leptis Magna in Libya, while thousands people dies
  • July 21, 1403
    Henry IV defeats the rebel forces of English nobleman Henry Percy in the Battle of Shrewsbury during Glyndŵr Rising
  • July 21, 1669
    John Locke's Constitution of English colony Carolina is approved
  • July 21, 1711
    Russia and Turkey sign the Treaty of Pruth, which ends the year-long Russo-Turkish War and stipulates the return of Azov to the Ottomans and destruction of Taganrog and several Russian fortresses
  • July 21, 1718
    The Turkish threat to Europe is eliminated with the signing of the Treaty of Passarowitz between Austria, Venice and the Ottoman Empire, starting Tulip period of the Ottoman Empire, a relatively peaceful period, during which the Ottoman Empire orients towards Europe
  • July 21, 1773
    Pope Clement XIV promulgates Dominus ac Redemptor, a papal brief by which the Society of Jesus is suppressed
  • July 21, 1798
    Napoleon Bonaparte defeats Murad Bey and his Mameluke warriors on the outskirts of Cairo at the Battle of the Pyramids ending 700 years of Mamluk rule in Egypt
  • July 21, 1822
    Agustín de Iturbide, a Mexican army general and politician, is crowned Agustín I and becomes the first Emperor of Mexico
  • July 21, 1831
    The Belgian Revolution in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands leads to the creation of Belgium as independent country with Leopold I, who takes the oath as King of the Belgians
  • July 21, 1832
    Treaty of Constantinople grants Greek independence
  • July 21, 1861
    In the first major battle of the Civil War, known as First Battle of Bull Run, Confederate forces repel an attempt by the Union Army to turn their flank in Virginia
  • July 21, 1873
    At Adair, Iowa, more than seven years after the Liberty holdup, the James-Younger gang makes their first train robbery
  • July 21, 1917
    Alexander Kerensky, a moderate socialist party member, becomes Russian Prime Minister
  • July 21, 1925
    John Scopes, a Tennessee high school teacher, is indicted for teaching the theory of evolution to students of his science classes in violation of a Tennessee state law, and fined US$100
  • July 21, 1954
    At Geneva, Switzerland, France agrees to independence of North and South Vietnam ending the First Indochina War
  • July 21, 1969
    American astronaut Neil Armstrong steps off the lunar landing module Eagle during the spaceflight Apollo 11, becoming the first human to walk on the surface of the moon
  • July 21, 1973
    USSR launches Mars 4 for fly-by of the red planet

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