Monday, July 31, 2017

August 1

  • August 1, 527
    Justin I, Byzantine emperor, dies. Justinian I leaves the sole Eastern Roman Emperor and declares his wife Theodora empress
  • August 1, 902
    Aghlabid emirate of Ifriqiya, modern day Tunisia, capture the last major Byzantine stronghold on the island, Taormina, completing Muslim conquest of Sicily
  • August 1, 1096
    The crusaders under Peter the Hermit reached Constantinople during People's Crusade
  • August 1, 1291
    The Everlasting League are formed from three small cantons becoming the basis of Swiss Confederation
  • August 1, 1464
    Piero de Medici succeeded his father, Cosimo, as ruler of Florence, after death of latter
  • August 1, 1514
    Vasily III, ruler of Moscow, captures Smolensk from Grand Duchy of Lithuania during Muscovite–Lithuanian Wars
  • August 1, 1588
    Sir Francis Drake captures the Rosario, one of the largest Spanish Armada galleons
  • August 1, 1664
    The Turkish army is defeated by French and German troops in Battle of St. Gotthard, Hungary, which becomes the key episode of the Austro–Turkish War of 1663–64
  • August 1, 1672
    King Charles II demonetizes copper tokens and announces copper farthings and halfpence will be minted
  • August 1, 1689
    Siege of Derry, Ireland, by the Catholic Army of King James II ends in failure after
  • August 1, 1714
    After death of Queen Anne, Elector of Hanover George I accesses the throne of Great Britain and becomes the first King of England from Hanoverian dynasty which ruled to 1901
  • August 1, 1759
    British and Hanoverian armies defeat the French at the Battle of Minden, Germany
  • August 1, 1774
    Joseph Priestley, English natural philosopher and chemist, succeeds in isolating oxygen from air by focusing the sun’s rays on a sample of mercuric oxide, and calls the new gas "dephlogisticated air"
  • August 1, 1794
    Whiskey Rebellion, a tax protest in the United States, begins
  • August 1, 1798
    Admiral Horatio Nelson's fleet of 14 ships routes the French fleet capturing six and destroying seven of the 17 French vessels in the Battle of the Nile at Aboukir Bay, Egypt
  • August 1, 1808
    Joachim Murat, French marshal and Napoleon's brother in law, becomes king of Naples and Sicily
  • August 1, 1820
    13.8 kilometer-long Regent's Canal opens in London for commercial cargo transfer
  • August 1, 1831
    London Bridge is opened to traffic instead of demolished old bridge
  • August 1, 1834
    The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 goes into effect abolishing slavery throughout the British Empire: in Canada, in the West Indies and in all Caribbean holdings
  • August 1, 1894
    The First Sino-Japanese War between Japan and China over control of Korea is officially declared
  • August 1, 1914
    Germany mobilize and declare war on Russia after the last refuse Kaiser Wilhelm II' demand to suspend the Russian general mobilization during the First World War
  • August 1, 1934
    United States occupation of Haiti ends after Franklin D. Roosevelt reaffirms an August 1933 disengagement agreement
  • August 1, 1941
    The first Jeep car is produced
  • August 1, 1971
    The Concert for Bangladesh, a benefit concert to fund relief efforts for refugees from East Pakistan, is organised by former Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison

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