Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 27

  • July 27, 1214
    Philip II of France decisively defeats Emperor Otto IV at battle of Bouvines confirming French conquest of Normandy and other English territories
  • July 27, 1245
    Pope Innocent IV pronounces the deposition of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II at First Council of Lyons
  • July 27, 1299
    The Ottoman Empire is founded by leader Turkic tribe Osman I, who announces the independence of small principality from the Seljuk Sultanate
  • July 27, 1586
    Sir Walter Raleigh returns to England from colony of Virginia with the samples of tobacco
  • July 27, 1663
    British Parliament passes a second Navigation Act, requiring all goods bound for the colonies be sent in British ships from British ports
  • July 27, 1689
    Jacobite Scottish Highlanders defeat royal force at Killiecrankie during Jacobite Rising
  • July 27, 1694
    The Bank of England, one of the oldest central banks in the world, receives a royal charter as a commercial institution to provide war finance to the government
  • July 27, 1789
    President Washington signs a measure establishing the Department of Foreign Affairs, forerunner of the Department of State and the first established executive department
  • July 27, 1794
    French revolutionary leader Maximilien Robespierre was overthrown and placed under arrest
  • July 27, 1866
    Successful transatlantic telegraph cable, laid by Massachusetts merchant and financier Cyrus West Field, follows an earlier attempt in 1858, allowing transatlantic telegraph communication
  • July 27, 1880
    In the Battle of Maiwand, which ends with British defeat, an Afghan woman named Malalai carries the Afghan flag forward after the soldiers carrying the flag were killed by the British, becoming a heroine for her show of courage
  • July 27, 1890
    Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh fatally shoots himself in Auvers-sur-Oise, France
  • July 27, 1921
    Researchers at the University of Toronto led by biochemist Frederick Banting announce the discovery of the hormone insulin, which enables an effective treatment for diabetes
  • July 27, 1944
    United States regains possession of Guam from Japanese
  • July 27, 1953
    The United Nations Command, the North Korean People's Army, and the Chinese People's Volunteers, signed the Armistice Agreement to end the Korean War and established the Korean Demilitarized Zone, de facto a new border between the two nations
  • July 27, 1954
    The world's first nuclear power plant generates electricity by nuclear power, at Obninsk, Soviet Union
  • July 27, 1976
    In Tangshan, China, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurs and becomes, the second greatest earthquake in recorded history, with official casualty figure 255,000 deaths
  • July 27, 1990
    Belarus declares itself sovereign by issuing the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic
  • July 27, 1993
    Cuban athlete Javier Sotomayor makes jump of 2.45 meters and sets new world record in the high jump
  • July 27, 2002
    A Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi Su-27 fighter crashes at an air show in Ukraine, killing 77 spectators and injuring more than 100 others and becomes the largest air show disaster in history

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