Monday, July 17, 2017

July 18

  • July 18, 390 BC
    Gauls decisively defeat Roman forces and inflict heavy casualties on Romans at the battle of Allia
  • July 18, 1858
    The summer Great Stink takes place when the smell of untreated sewage almost overwhelmed people in central London, England
  • July 18, 1872
    Britain introduced the Ballot Act for voting by secret ballot
  • July 18, 1925
    Mein Kampf, an autobiographical manifesto outlining future plans for Germany, is published by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler
  • July 18, 1936
    General Francisco Franco leads uprising in Spanish Morocco starting Spanish Civil War between Republican, loyal to the democratic Spanish Republic, and Nationalist forces backed by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy
  • July 18, 1995
    Eruption of Soufrière Hills volcano in the southern part of Montserrat, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, destroys Montserrat's capital city of Plymouth and leads to emigration of two-thirds of the island's population
  • July 18, 2003
    Second Congo War ends with more than 5 million dead

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